Place an order with Chrisco for 2008 and list me as your Agent to receive a limited-edition FREE OzFree 2008 Magnetic Calendar! ALL of my magnets are still available! Simply contact Chrisco to have your order placed under my ID, and then email me your Member ID and full name to receive your exclusive, free magnet!

Chrisco Australia Catalogue Australia Only
Referring Agent Name: Catherine B. & ID: 1552025
400+ people requested catalogues from OzFree in 2006, and yet NOBODY remembered to list me as their Agent! Have you placed an order with Chrisco for 2007? Please either contact Chrisco on freecall 1800 830 830 , freefax 1800 61 61 61 or e-mail OR Email ME to ensure your order is placed under my Agent ID (1552025).

Chrisco Hampers Like many of you, I'd seen the Chrisco hampers ad on T.V. and quite frankly, found it a little irritating. After so many visitors asked me to put Chrisco on OzFree though, I just had to look into it and I must admit, I'm impressed! There's hampers to suit everyone, and I mean e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e! Plus they also run competitions! For example, if you placed a Chrisco Hampers AND/OR Chrisco Savings order before September 23rd 2007, you went into a draw to win $25K and a family trip to Sydney, plus had the chance to win ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Plus there were other comps and freebies, depending on which hamper(s) you ordered.

   The Christmas 2008 catalogues will be available in the next few weeks -- if you'd like a catalogue, please fill in the form below to request a catalogue from ME!
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Referring Agent Name: Catherine B. & ID: 1552025