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Safety In The Market free booklet Australia Only.
Free Investment Know-How booklet.
RECEIVED:  YES! (31 JUL 2003)

Sari Australia-Only
(Thank you M.R. for this one) Not a bulky site, but you will need Macromedia Flash to view it. On left side of page it says to call them for a free sample of promotional products.

SassyRoad Australia Only.
FREE mail-order catalogue, Sale-Bin, and orders over $100 are delivered FREE! Register with their site to get 5% discount!
Plus occasional FREE samples with purchase, and occasional FREE toys with and/or without purchase!

Schmaili International.
Schmaili allows you to quickly insert a smiley icon into your e-mail. It works with Outlook Express, all Outlook versions, IncrediMail and Netscape 7.0. This version will not expire and can be used freely. However it only comes with 850 smiley icons -- the "full" (paid) version has more. (Thank you M.R. for this one!)

FREE Screensavers and Wallpapers International.
Free 3d Animated Screensavers and Wallpapers.

Shave.Com Limited International
Shave.Com are giving away free samples of their shaving oil and alpha gel.
NOTE: Available in Australia, New Zealand, Norway, the UK and Ireland.

ShopFree Generally Australia Only.
LOTS of great freebies! HIGHLY recommended.

Simple Savings Secrets Australia Only.
Australian Money Saving TipsThe Simple Saving Secrets website is packed full with helpful tips, and they give away one free membership every month for the best new tip! There are over 800 ways you could be saving money. Easy, simple tricks that ordinary Australians use to make their dollars stretch further.
Click here to learn how you could be saving money. The site teaches people how to shop wisely and has a free newsletter and free tip sheets.

Slides On DVD Trial AU Only
Just send a slide (or negative) to the address on their site. You'll need to include a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope & your email address. They'll post back the slide and email you the scanned image.

Smartepoints AU, US, UK, CA, NZ Only
Get paid to shop, click, complete surveys, read e-mail, refer your friends etc. Similar to RewardsCentral.
RECEIVED:  N/A - not in WA

Snapfish by HP Australia Only
Get 20 FREE digital prints from Snapfish, HP's leading online photo service. At Snapfish you can share your photos with friends and family and store them online for FREE. Photos and photo gifts are printed in Australia to the highest quality and additional prints cost as little as 19¢.

Free Stocks and Shares Software International.
(Thank you M.R. for these few!) Free Stocks and Shares Software.
  *  http://www.best-charts.com/ -- FREE $tock Charting Software with FREE Data source AND catering for AUSTRALIAN shares.
  *  http://www.incrediblecharts.com.au/ -- similar to the above, with more control of the charts themselves, but minus the analysis.

Spam Fighting Tools International
If you hate spam (and who doesn't?!) then the following should help you fight spam and keep your inbox clean
  • Mailwasher is technically shareware, although the price is listed as "however much you can afford and want to pay" so for many of us, that makes it freeware. MailWasher is a powerful email checker with effective spam elimination. Discover the safe way to stop unwanted viruses and e-mails before they get to your computer. It makes spammers think you no longer exist by bouncing back their email so it looks like your address has been closed down.
  • SneakEmail issues you with a new e-mail address that secretly and automatically forwards e-mail received at that address to your real e-mail address. It can help you pinpoint from where spammers are getting your details -- use a new "sneaky" address each time you register somewhere, and you'll know if they passed your e-mail on!
  • SpamCop helps you punish spammers for sending you their junk mail. This service is free. Often, spammers lose their accounts and even get charged "cleanup fees" by their internet providers. Unfortunately, life is still too easy for the spammer. They sign up with new accounts as fast as we shut them down. By reporting spam, you can help to turn the tide. SpamCop makes this otherwise slow and technical task quick and easy.
  • SpamMatters - take action and report the spam you receive!
  • SpamPrimer is a wonderful in depth website about what spam is, how spammers get your addy and how to get rid of spam.
  • Yahoo Anti-Spam page.

StartInAustralia Freebie Links International.
Good listing of top online freebie and competition resources.

Sustagen Sample Australia & NZ Only.
(Thank you Erica and Rizza for this one!) Become a member and you can request a free sample -- your choice from "Sustagen Sport - Chocolate", "Sustagen Hospital Formula with Fibre - Chocolate" and "Sustagen Instant Pudding".

Sweet Collect Australia & NZ Only.
Something of a YoYo website, which disappeared entirely in December 2005 under "suspicious circumstances" (I cannot say more at this stage, but hope to in the future). Basic theme is you sign up for offers, and are rewarded by receiving "sweets". When you have 10 sweets pending, they will be shipped from the UK. I have heard differing feedback about the quality of the sweets, the delay in receiving them, and indeed whether they arrive at all!

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Taco Bill Australia Only.
TacoBill have 3 clubs -- the Birthday Club, the Kids Club and the Business Card Club.

Take Note by Staedtler Australia Only.
Got something to say to someone? A message of love or a naughty secret? You write the note, they'll provide the pencil and paper, then send it for you to anywhere in Australia!
RECEIVED:  YES! (20/03/2006)

"Talking" Newspapers Australia-Only, restrictions apply.
Do you have any kind of disability which makes it difficult for you to read the paper, be it a visual disability, learning disability, physical disability or other? Click through to find out how you might be able to receive the paper read onto tape and delivered to your house for free!

Tea Towels Fundraising. Australia-Only, as below.
Tea towel fundraising for schools, clubs and kindergartens only. Call: 1800 771 557 for information pack and free sample. Thank you Kitten69 for this one!

Telecommuting USA. International.
TelecommutingUSA offers free work at home job leads. Some of their ads include employers who accept international workers.

Tena for Men Australia-Only.
Request a free sample of Tena for Men.

The Free Site International.
The Free Site has been around for a very long time. Most of the free samples listed are US only but they have a plethora of other things which are free!
RECEIVED:  Occasionally.

The Well Bookshop Australia-Only.
(Thank you TAS for this one!) Register with their website to earn 50 points instantly. Thereafter, you earn one point per day for visiting The Well, 1 point for each book page you send to a friend, 2 coins for making comments about a book page and 10 points for every $1 you spend on the site. 2000 coins equals a $20 gift voucher to use on the site. If you'd like me to send you a few of my own favourite book pages, please e-mail with "TheWellBookReferral" in the subject header and I'll get a couple out to you within 24 hours. Thankyou!
RECEIVED:  Occasionally.

Take Tickle's Free Online IQ Test! International.
(Thank you AP for this one!)
How smart are you? Take this free online IQ Test to find out!
Are your Chakras balanced? Take the Tickle.com free Chakra Test.
What makes you unique? What makes you... YOU? Find out by taking The Ultimate Personality Test at Tickle.com.
Are you in the right job? Take the Tickle.com Free Career Test to find out!

Time Life Australia-Only
As seen on TV! Time Life offers a Buy One Get One FREE offer : $19.95 for 2 Videos/ DVD's or 2 Double CD's for their music collections. PLUS they offer a 10 Day No Obligation FREE preview, and some of their CD-sets come with free BONUS disks.

TopShop Australia-only.
TopShop offers FREE delivery for parcels which contain 3 or more in-stock items.

TopSpotMedia Australia-only.
Free samples related to the Top Spot Media commercials.

Free Travel Brochures Australia-Only
(Thank you MR for this one!) Order up to five free travel brochures to help you plan your next holiday.

Free Tresemmé Sample Australia-Only
(Thank you MR for this one!) Would you like to be kept up-to-date with information on new products and exciting special offers and promotions from Tresemmé®? Then simply complete this registration form and join Club Tresemmé. As a welcome gift, they'll send you a FREE professional Tresemmé sample pack

Trillian International
Trillian is everything you need for instant messaging. Connect to ICQ, AOL Instant Messenger(SM), MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and IRC in a single, sleek and slim interface.

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UltraSlim Sample Australia Only.
I had this link up on my site for the longest time, then finally removed it because I thought it couldn't possibly still be current! Apparently it is still current, so if you missed out before, why not try again? (Thank you BD for letting me know about this one)
RECEIVED:  YES (02/02/2002)!

Free Unclaimed Super Search Australia Only.
As seen on ACA! Free online service -- find out if you have any unclaimed superannuation! If you don't find any lost super here, don't forget to check the ATO Super Search website too!

Free UnderCoverWear Catalogue. Australia Only.
To receive a free UnderCoverWear Catalogue and a $5.00 Voucher for your first order, simply e-mail Trish at trishm_ucw@yahoo.com.au and ask for one. Oh, and tell her OzFree sent you.

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Victoria's Secret. International
Submit your details to receive your FREE copy of the world-famous Victoria's Secret catalogue.
RECEIVED:  YES! (a long time ago)

Virgin Broadband at Home Australia-Only
VirginBroadband @ Home used to bill itself as a home phone with FREE broadband, and in a general sense, that's pretty much what it is. $60/month covers your home phone access, with FREE local and FREE national calls (13-, 1300-, 1900- & special calls NOT included), FREE calls to Virgin mobiles, and FREE voicemail. It also covers 2GB/month downloads (uploads are NOT counted), but if that's not enough, you can pay an extra $10/month to increase this to 4GB/month. You can reduce your monthly cost by registering your Virgin postpaid mobile phone with them - this counts for $5 month OFF your costs. Once you reach your monthly broadband quota, rather than hitting you with excess usage charges, you are simply throttled to dialup speeds. And you initially get a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try the product in your home and see if it works for you.
Click Here to see if your area has coverage.
If you are already subscribed, then click here for Kjobling's very useful Virgin Broadband Info Page.
Another good resource if you've already subscribed are the Whirlpool forums.
RECEIVED:  YES! (late 2007)

Vistaprint International.
Vistaprint ALWAYS have great FREE offers for you!
  *  (AUSSIE visitors)

  *  (AU visitors) 2008 Calendar Magnets for FREE- 10 postcard-size magnets for just FREE!
  *  (US visitors) Get 250 premium quality, color business cards FREE! Order today! Click here. (Pay-ONLY-for-postage)
P.S. There are other uses for Business Cards other than just for people in business -- this offer has been wildly popular with people wanting to promote their websites, as "change-of-address" cards, people wanting to promote their RewardsCentral & Dynamic Rewards referral URLs and for MANY more reasons besides! The magnet offer has been popular as kids/pets photo magnets, customised with kids names to keep things on the fridge, as change-of-address magnets and more!

ADDITIONALLY, Vistaprint have a "Refer-A-Friend" program. Refer your friends to Vistaprint using your personal link and if they sign up and buy from your link, you'll earn $4 in Vistaprint Dollars, to be spent on Vista's website. You're allowed up to 50 referrals every calendar year! If you'd like more information, use one of the above links to make a Vistaprint purchase (and thereby become a Vistaprint member), then e-mail with your date and time of purchase, and I'll send you out information about the Referral program and how you can get started!
RECEIVED:  YES (in 2004, 2005 AND 2006)!

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Web2Mail International
Web2Mail offers you three great free email services:
1.  Read and send email on the web
2.  Receive any web page by email
3.  Browse the web by email.
It's a handy little service -- try it for yourself!

Web-Browsers International
  *   FireFox is a graphical browser similar to Opera (see below). FireFox is available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Solaris, JDS & OS/2. The Windows download is under 5MB!
  *  Microsoft Internet Explorer -- the one, the only and the most common browser used!
  IE 5 users click here for FREE Internet Explorer 5 Web Accessories including the very-necessary "Toggle_Images.exe" which lets you turn images on and off at the click of a button!
  *  Lynx is a text browser for the World Wide Web available in nine flavours -- Amiga, Atari, BeOS, Dos/Windows 95/98/NT, Mac, OS/2, OS/9, Unix and VMS.
  *  Netscape -- so far, Internet Explorer's main rival.
  *  Opera used to be adware, but is now FREE! and comes in six flavours -- Windows, Mac, Linux, Symbian OS, QNX and OS/2. You can also get versions of Opera compatible with handheld devices. The Windows version apparently is under 4MB! Historically, Opera has been OzFree's favourite browser, though with my almost-9-year-old computer I haven't tried this new Opera version just yet.

Promotional Number       113676
Receive a free 1-month trial of WebFlicks, the rent-from-home DVD specialists. Cancel any time during your free trial with no charge to your credit card. See also QuickFlix, BigPondMovies and AdultFlix.

WebShots Free Computer Desktop Images International.
Thank you Helen for this one! Webshots has some excellent images for free download at 800x600 resolution, although there is also a paid version with images up to 1200x1600. Images are great for using as desktop backgrounds or screensavers. The free version is limited to 5 image downloads per day. For the Mac users amongst us, there is a beta-version of the Webshots Desktop for Mac OS available. Of special note for the security-conscious is their No Adware/Spyware policy.

Whiskey Experience - Free Tasting Australia-Only, 18+.
FREE Whiskey Tasting Evening for the over 18s! Plus, there are prizes to be won on the night! Mostly an east-coast (NSW, VIC, QLD) thing, but you can register your interest if there isn't a tasting near you.
Invite 8 (or more) friends and have all 8 (or more) attend on the one night to receive an invitation for the Invitee and 1 friend to attend a Premium Tasting Experience!
Invite 3 friends to get a free 3 x 50ml miniature gift pack!

WhiteGlo -- FREE Sample! Australia-Only, 18+.
(Click on "Specials" to find this freebie). From their website:
"We are so sure that you will love using White Glo Toothpaste, so we would like to offer you a free sample to try for FREE! To receive your free sample simply send a A4 sized stamped self addressed envelope to:
Barros Laboraties
Free Professional Choice Sample Offer
Factory 4, 4 Skyline Place

Thank You Shazsand for letting me know about this one!

Wildkards Australia Only.
These are kind of like business cards, but they have cool pics on the back (which also tend to be advertisements). You get 10 to 15 of them each time, and they have your name, email and mobile number. Register to be notified when they next run a WildKard promotion...
If 15 cards isn't enough, or if you would like more creative control over your cards, don't forget the Vistaprint Offer for 100 FREE business cards -- pay only postage!
RECEIVED:  YES! (most recently OCT 2005)

Wine Makers Choice Australia-Only, 18+.
Weekly Web Specials -- usually involving FREE gifts with purchase!
Email Specials - similar deal to the above!
If you are in need of some quality wine at competitive prices then Wine Makers Choice is the place to visit. The holidays are now over and Winemakers Choice needs to get rid of everything. All their favorite wines have to go and are all discounted between 20-50%! They are so anxious to empty the warehouse that they're giving away 4 bottles of Seaview Vintage 1999 Pinot Chardonnay with every two dozen wines purchased! That's $87 worth of bubbly FREE with every two dozen wines! So why not fill up your case at no extra freight charge and take advantage of this fantastic offer.

Wizz Fizz Kids Club Australia-Only.
Join the Wizz Fizz kids club for a free card on your birthday! They don't send out sherbert sachets any more following the "anthrax-in-the-mail" business ... which kinda makes sense really!

Work From Home Opportunities Australia-Only.
NOTE: OzFree has not tried any of the below and does not recommend any of them as sole means of income. Apply for these offers at own risk!

  *  ACN Team Alliance
  *  Biz4You
  *  Ebay.com.au
  *  Home Business Australia
  *  MomsWIN -- earn money from home.

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Zango ADWARE International
Zango software is ADware, not FREEware. Having said that, they do have a selection of software which you do not have to pay cash money to use, including:
  *  Zango Astrology
  *  Zango Bubble Burst Game
  *  Zango Grab & Burn
  *  Jade Shadow (Game)
  *  Zango Messenger
  *  Zango Weather

Zodee Lingerie Australia-Only

Zodee has all the big name brands and new arrivals. Get intimate with popular brands such as Elle Macpherson Intimates, Fine Lines, Loveable, Oroton and many more…

FREE membership and $5 accredited to new members' account – for purchases over $50. Members get a continuous 5% off their orders, 2.5% of every order credited to your account, referral bonusses and more!

ZoomDirect Lists
Want to be among the first to know about the latest and greatest free offers, competitions, special offers and promotions? OzFree has partnered with ZoomDirect to bring you some of the best 100% SPAM FREE newsletters which Australia has to offer! These newsletters often contain surveys, free offers or competitions, and I highly recommend them!

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