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Mailing Lists can be a good place to start to get the "inside scoop" on new programs. You might want to try the following to start off with.

0zFree ZoomDirect Lists
Want to be among the first to know about the latest and greatest free offers, competitions, special offers and promotions? OzFree has partnered with ZoomDirect to bring you some of the best 100% SPAM FREE newsletters which Australia has to offer!
P.S. Yes, I am aware that OzFree begins with an "O" and not a "0" but I wanted to make sure that this offer didn't get 'lost' further down the page!

My List
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A.C.F-S is a newsgroup, not a mailing list, but REALLY useful nonetheless. If you don't have a news browser you can read it from one of the web-to-news gateways listed HERE . Personally I highly recommend downloading Forté Free Agent

Forums for Aussie Webmasters.

Catch Of The Day
Catch of the Day is an Australian company, with a new deal every day! Sign up to their mailing list to know when their next gadget is released! But please remember to come back here to buy -- and if I find any good COTD coupons then I'll list them here, on the What's New page!

Completely FREE Software
A selection of fabulous, and completely free (for personal use), Win/DOS software - tested, reviewed and rated. Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch? An essential bookmark! To get your own copy of the CFS Weekly Newsletter, send a BLANK email to cfs-subscribe@topica.com. Make sure that your "reply to" address is correct first. And the price? Completely free, of course!

Darwin Awards
The Darwin Awards honor those who improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it.

DealExtreme is a US-based company. Prices are in USD, however shipping is free, and prices are ridiculously low! Has a great, addictive RSS feed!

DealsDirect was nominated by Channel Nine's A Current Affairs program as one of the hottest online bargain destinations. Weekly mailing list.

Ecashclan is a great Aussie community where just by getting involved you get a free website! Plus they have their ShopForPoints program. But the best bit by far (I think) are the EcashClan Forums -- there's forums for freebies, for comps, for surveys, for mystery shopping, for website design, for general chitchat ... it's great!

Financial Services Online
Great site for cheap insurance of many types, but best of all they have a FREE monthly newsletter with Australian financial services news, information and resources.

FreewareWeb Online!
FreewareWeb Online! is a FREE e-mail newsletter that highlights the best software, themes, wallpapers, too-good-to-miss sites, technology news, tips, reviews of the greatest products currently available on the market and more.

This is a web-based way to access the thousands of "Newsgroups" which are flourishing. Click here for a listing of aus.* groups

iSAAF Forums
iSAAF Forums -- great place to learn and chat about pay to surf programs and to find out which are worth your time.

NotGoodEnough Forums
Fantastic site to read about others' experiences -- good and bad -- with Aussie merchants and retailers, or to post your own experiences!

OO Dot Com
Be notified of the latest great deals from this online warehouse! To my knowledge, this is the ONLY online clearance store to offer a rewards program!

Pirate Pete's Aussie Freebies
Pirate Pete's freebie site is packed with quality content and will show you how to receive the most amazing "booty" of free products and samples available. Check it out for yourself, and join his newsletter to receive the latest free offers.

Postmaster Direct.
Postmaster Direct also have a LARGE range of interesting FREE newsletters to read, including notifications about surveys!

Sanity Australia Newsletter
Official newsletter for Sanity Australia with great comps and bargains on music, dvds etc.

Do you like the Darwin Awards? Well, there are many more silly things which people do. If you read the "Odd Spot" in The Age Newspaper then you'll know what I mean. This Is True is a collection of "Odd Spot"-like things from around the world. There's a free version and an upgraded edition. The upgraded edition is USD$15/year and the standard edition is free, but has less content. I've been subscribed to this list for y-e-a-r-s and I've saved every one and is the outright funniest and most thought-provoking e-mail I receive. Try the free version first and decide later if you want to upgrade to the full version, and don't forget to check out the book section on your way out -- they make great gifts!

Urban Legends Reference Pages
The Urban Legends Reference Pages have two mailing lists -- I cannot recommend highly enough how much you should join the "Updates" list. This list informs you of updates to the website and the website is F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C! It has lots of info about all of those urban legends you receive in your mail or hear about from friends and lets you know what is real and what isn't. I love this site and I love this newsletter!

Whirlpool Forums
Australia-Based. Ostensibly forums for Broadband users, but with many interesting topics for gadget-lovers and others.

Thousands of wonderful FREE mailing lists. For Aussie-lists, click here. For hundreds of cat and dog related mailing lists, click here.

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